The production design of indie film, Thrombosis, directed by Daniel K. Pearson, was a challenge of emotional textures. The colours of sentience are vivid, all the more with the added quality of depth achieved in the accompaniment of textures. Texture throws light, hence the experience of colour is heightened. Atmospheric conditions also come into play, with a plume of dust working the eye much like the serif intonation of a complex font in the process of reading. When an audience reads an image with depth, the eye together with the mind embark on an interpretive interplay, sending messages back and forth in an excited state. The overall tone of which can be controlled and manipulated in the art and science of production design. Sometimes the clarity of the image is key to the process. In an experimental form of fringe therapy, clarity is an expression of insanity.

Official Selection for the Munich Underground Film Festival (MUFF) 2015

                Costume design for Sawtooth music video featuring Holly Durant and James Andrews.

Premiered by Tonedeaf